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    Comments: He is Awesone.......I fell and shattered my elbow 2.5 years ago, and that is when I met him, it was a compound fracture, he did surgery and put a titanium head to my radius and cleaned up the other damage and other wounds in the area of my elbow, he told me in the beginning there wasn’t a huge chance of much use of my arm again.....due to all the trauma to my elbow the nerves shut down to my hand, so my hand froze and I had to learn to use my hand again, there was a second surgery on my elbow 4 months later, he saw me through lots and lots and lots of therapy, and I have full function of my arm, forearm and hand.....still don’t have and never will be able to lift more than 15 lbs with my left arm.....but I wasn’t expected to lift more than 2-3 I am blessed to have had him as my surgeon and him working with me to get back as much as humanly possible to my arm.....yes I recommend Dr. Service highly !!!

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