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    Comments: I had a revision to my 18+ yr old artificial hip with Dr Haidukewych 10/29/19, and a reverse left shoulder replacement with Dr Service 3/4/20. I've had orthopedic surgeries in every hospital in Polk County and Tampa General. I will only come to Orlando Health from now on. I love everyone I've come in contact with including hospital staff at ORMC and Dr Phillips Hospital. I did like Dr Phillips Hospital a little better. My best friend stayed in my hospital room all day and over night. The food service staff explained to her she could purchase a meal tray for $5 so she didn't have to worry about going to the cafeteria, and when she was ready to go to bed a nurse made up a bed next to me for her. Staff made sure she was comfortable and told her to press my call button if she needed anything. We thought the Dr Phillips Hospital experience was fantastic. I have RA. I face more orthopedic surgeries in the future. I will NOT go anywhere other than Orlando Health.

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